HD LED Display is getting popular.


Nowadays, the P1.875 P1.923 small pixel LED screen products becomes the star products in LED display market. Under this fierce competition, LED display companies should adjust its OEM factory role to a whole solution provider focus on product quality, marketing promotion, after-sales service, cost-effectiveness. From the Marketing view of saying, one concept comes up a lot which is User Experience. How to offer a better user experience fits more customers’ needs, which should be an issue to consider when doing product development, because the good product speaks for them.
Standard resolution ratio

Except getting closer pixel pitch, to improve products usability and offer a better user experience is also a main new products develop direction. 16:9 is the golden ratio for international UI and HD video, called Standard resolution ratio, which is better for human eye viewing experience. Thus a lot display devices are made into this promotion, including some images displayed on the p2.5  LED screen.
Front service
Maintenance has been more common design for the field of LED display. Front service brings so much convenience to installation and maintenance can greatly enhance the user experience since the application is also an important aspect of product differentiation advantage. Small pixel pitch LED screen, however, as the slim cabinet of the lower density display, having difficulty on heat dissipation, according to the traditional LED screen can only remove the module from the front, and inconvenient disassembling the power and control card mode can cause users inconvenience. in 2015, many enterprises to strengthen the maintenance design in small spacing before the application of LED display. Front maintenance small pixel pitch products into industry one of the most popular products.

This kind of product have in common is, have broken the traditional LED screen power supply and control the defects of inconvenience before disassembling, implements the module, power supply and control card before the real maintenance, thus effectively save installation space, hanging, etc., can be satisfied after maintenance environment, such as window display and store wall installation maintenance before only complicated installation requirements. And effectively simplifies the screen installation and maintenance operation, thus helping to save a space for the user to lower cost and maintenance costs, was greatly welcomed by users.
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