Small fine pitch led display screens has bright future.


As we all know, small-pitch LED display generally refers to the indoor LED display less than 2mm pitch. At present, the small pitch LED display is widely used in security monitoring, command and control centers, radio and television stations, theaters and other high-end areas.

The model of mainstream small pitch LED display in the market include: P1.25, P1.5625, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2 etc. Compared with the conventional LED display, small pitch LED display pixel point control technology is more advanced and reliable, improving the display screen brightness, reduction, and uniformity. Therefore, the small pitch LED display has a higher value than the traditional DLP rear projection display.

HD small pitch LED Display has higher pixel integrity

The current indoor high-end display market is still dominated by DLP rear projection display, however, DLP technology has some natural defects that can not eliminate the patchwork between display units. Therefore, each display unit will devour at least one display pixel while splicing so that the display pixel is not complete. But all these problems will not happen to small pitch display, it can perfectly make up for this shortcoming to ensure that each display unit has a complete display pixel.

Small pitch display has a better screen color performance

Due to the discrepancy between the display units of the DLP rear projection display, the entire display is more difficult to control in terms of the display color and brightness uniformity. And this display unit differences will become more apparent along with the increase of usage time. In contrast, professional small pitch LED display wall to utilize pixel-level point control technology, each display unit has a high degree of color consistency to guarantee better color expression for the LED display.

Small pitch LED display screen out of the picture with higher pixel integrity and the rich expression on the screen with more brilliant colors, the high degree of appreciation.

The improvement of exquisite degree promotes indoor LED display applications. With the continuous improvement of display technology, LED TV based on small pitch LED display technology has emerged. In recent years, many LED display manufacturers cut into this market, increasing technology research and development to accelerate the pace of marching into indoor led display applications.

With the continuous development of LED display technology, small pitch display technology is becoming more and more mature. Furthermore, the maturity of small spacing technology has led to the continuous decline in production costs. By then, we believe that the price of small pitch LED display will be getting lower and applied in more fields.

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