Small pixels LED displays trends and developments in the LED


Enterprise video conference room on the "tall" pursuit, small Pixel LED display to win this opportunity Thanks to mature technology, in recent years, although continue to cut the price of the video meeting, however, for most enterprises, is still a significant investment, in line with "good horse matchs good saddle" design concept, the corresponding conference room facilities nature also want "tall", as a result, video conference system display terminal favor large screen, not only is the necessity of practical application demand, is also enterprise through hardware facilities perfect image of ascension.It is the pursuit of perfection, for small spacing LED provides an excellent opportunity into the conference room.
Since the date of birth, the small distance between the LED is the traditional LED manufacturers as the most effective tools for indoor application market, to the traditional liquid crystal splicing, DLP joining together the challenge,and the manufacturer are so angry, small spacing LED itself with the seamless display, Gao Liangke, arc design has unique characteristics, such as this is for the reaction to the video conference application level - ensure that look underthe premise of "qing", flexible meet the personalized needs of enterprise meeting room, is an important reason for its popularity.

With video conferencing, or into small Pixel LED screen market development important breakthrough.Modern enterprise conference rooms, large video conference rooms, especially the big companies are not only the meeting, staff training and other internal functions, with external communication function, customer reception, business negotiation, its design directly affect the enterprise image, therefore, the enterprise investment will spare no effort, no doubt is a typical application effect is the highest.It's with small spacing LED application promotion formed a highly unified supply and demand.
After the concept of popular over-hyped, whether at the vendor level or at the end user level, have devoted attention to the small distance between the LED, in the future, the development of the industry application popularization has become the key.Projection era network analysis, the cost of the small distance between the LED is closely related to the core technology development, the overall market size, and a sharp fall in a short time, it is difficult to for manufacturers, if you want to a breakthrough in the market in the early, will be "other people", aiming at the application effect in the first place, a high tolerance for input costs, obviously, it was a typical feature of video conference room application.
Big background of social informatization, make enterprise video conference building into the rush hour, it will be for the application of small spacing LED promotion provide broad space for growth, may be formed scale level application market is an important breakthrough.2014 LED display market demand than usual germination of the new dynamic weather, but the price is also difficult to escape the fate,
LED display enterprise will face more brutal knockout round.As the competition in the market evolution, LED display enterprise PK won't stay on the price, but the combination of hardware and software in terms of comprehensive strength.The emergence of small spacing products will undoubtedly has injected new vitality to the market, and as an innovative technology hasn't been fully mature, small spacing or will accompany the LED display products entering a new upgrade process.