Small Pixel Pitch HD LED TV Display Screen Solutions


Small pixel pitch HD LED screen TV is ideal video screen for TV studio, Concference centre, security monitor with high demand for resolution.
With its high definition,seamless stitching, outstanding high performance, vivid color and high gray scale, it is the trend in LED Display.
&. High contrast, faster reaction, high refresh frequency screen fully fulfill high-speed movement video.
&. High quality components and precise production process, lower the ratio of blind LEDs,with fast locks.
&. Power &data back up system, much more reliable for 7 / 24hours continuous working,low voltage use.
&. HD module with small pixel pitch, unlimited splitting, supporting 2K、4K and super HD video resource.
&. Frosted black LED and Light absorbing corrugated mask, making the screen can show the vivid images.
&. Self-adjusting intelligent brightness system. The brightness of the screens can be adjusted intelligently.

System diagram

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